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A Tourist Guide to Martiros Saryan Park

A tourist guide to Martiros Saryan Park in Yerevan. Those who want to take a stroll through the heart of Armenia's capital and buy a painting this is an excellent destination. Who knows, perhaps one of those paintings will adorn your home's walls, creating lasting and delightful memories.

Martiros Saryan Park is located in the Kentron community of Yerevan, between Mashtots, Marshal Baghramyan avenues and Stepan Zoryan street, next to France square. At the heart of this park stands a remarkable marble statue of Martiros Saryan, crafted by sculptor Levon Tokmajyan and architect Artur Tarkhanyan in 1986.

Marble statue of Martiros Saryan

Noteworthy monuments within the park include the "Erebuni-Yerevan" ("Tree of Life") sculpture, a creation of sculptor Hakob Piliposyan and architect Fenix Darbinyan in 1970, as well as the ensemble of statues titled "Men" by sculptor Davit Minasyan, added in 2007.

Tree of Life sculpture, a creation of sculptor Hakob Piliposyan and architect Fenix Darbinyan (1970)

These artistic elements contribute to the park's vibrant atmosphere, making it a cultural and recreational hub in the heart of Yerevan.

Paintings on display in Martiros Saryan Park

On Saturdays and Sundays, an art exhibition and sale take place in the park. However, on workdays, several artists showcase their works. This captivating display not only draws the attention of locals and tourists but also adds a distinctive charm to the park.

The 'Men' statue group: Sculptor: Davit Minasyan

The 'Men' statue group, installed in 2007, depicts the heroes from Edmond Keosayan's 1972 film of the same name: Suren (portrayed by actor Mher Mkrtchyan), Vazgen (Azat Sherents), Aram (Avetik Gevorgyan), and Sako (Armen Ayvazyan). This bronze monument, standing at a height of 1.97 meters, features the names of the film's creative team inscribed in Russian on the pedestal, designed in the form of a film strip.



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