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Popular YouTubers who visited Armenia

Armenia is a country with a rich history, culture, and natural beauty. It is also a popular destination for travelers who are seeking adventures. No surprise the most famous travel YouTubers have visited Armenia and shared their experiences with their millions of subscribers. Here are some of them.

Bald and Bankrupt is an English travel vlog YouTube channel operated by Benjamin Rich, better known as Mr. Bald on his YouTube channel. As of August 2023, the channel had 3.9 million subscribers and 599 million views. The defining characteristic of Rich's channel is his interest in the post-Soviet states. He is particularly fascinated by exploring abandoned buildings. I personally follow him and enjoy his content!

Here is a video about his travels to Armenia (on his channel, one can find two more videos shot in Armenia).

Itchy Boots (real name: Noraly Schoenmaker) is a Netherlands-based YouTuber and social media star. She is one of the rising moto travel video creators on YouTube, with 2.07 million subscribers as of January 2024.

Here is a video where she travels across Armenia. Her content is really enjoyable, and I personally follow her!

Eva zu Beck, officially Ewa Bianka Zubek, is a Polish travel blogger and vlogger. As of January 2024, she has 1.76 million subscribers on YouTube. She hosted TRT World's show. Here is a video where she explores Armenia.

Davidsbeenhere, whose real name is David Hoffmann, is a travel host, content creator, and entrepreneur from South Miami, Florida. He was named one of the Top 10 Best Travel Videographers by USA Today and one of the Top 10 Travel Video Sites by OOAworld. He also won the 2020 Travel Video Alliance Award for Best Culinary Video and the Top Travel Blog award from CrowdsourcedExplorer. He has hosted over 2,000 travel episodes that dive deep into the culture, history, and cuisine of thousands of unique destinations around the world. As of January 2024, he has 1.25 million subscribers.

Here is a video he shot in Armenia.

NasDaily (real name: Nuseir Yassin) is an Israeli-Palestinian vlogger, known as Nas Daily, from the name used on his Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram pages for his over 1,000 daily, one-minute-long videos. As of January 2024, he has a staggering 13 million subscribers on YouTube.

Here is a video he shot in Armenia:

These are just some examples of famous YouTubers who visited Armenia and created interesting content for their audiences. There are many more YouTubers who have traveled to this beautiful country and shared their stories online.


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