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A unique monument in Armenia destroyed by Azerbaijani vandals

Explore the poignant history of a unique Armenian monument destroyed by Azerbaijani vandals in Soviet times

In 1968, at the entrance of Vardeis city, Armenia, a unique monument was erected. It consisted of a bull statue and a sculptured monument. The authors of the monument were the sculptor Rafael Yekmalyan and architect Rafael Israelyan.


Fortunately, a few historical photos have made their way to our days

Unfortunately, the monument has not been preserved. As sculptor Harutyun Yekmalyan, the son of the landowner, reports, the monument was destroyed by Azerbaijanis. The statue of the bull was damaged and, according to some reports, buried by Azerbaijanis in the 1980s. The restoration of the monument was once prohibited under the pretext of not inflaming tensions with Azerbaijan.


The remnants of the monument today

We hope that someday Armenian authorities will find the will and desire to rebuild this unique memorial.


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