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An Armenian church with a unique design

This church in Mrgashat village, Armenia, boasts a design that immediately caught my eye! I had never seen any church in Armenia with wooden columns before, making it truly stand out

Known as the Holy Mother of God Church or Surb Astsvatsatsin Church in Armenian, it is an Armenian Apostolic Holy Church situated in the village of Mrgashat in the Armavir region of Armenia. It was constructed in the 19th century.

The Church of the Holy Mother of God in Mrgashat village was erected in 1865 and consecrated in 1903, replacing a chapel that previously occupied the site.

Before the renovation the basilica-style structure featured an earth-covered roof. It is constructed of black and yellow tuff stone, measuring (33 x 17) meters.

During the Soviet era, particularly from 1937 to 1980, the church was repurposed as a grain warehouse.

In 2007, renovations of the church commenced. On October 15, 2011, it was re-consecrated by the head of the diocese, Fr. Sion Bishop Adamyan.


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