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Azat Reservoir in Armenia! Where Is Located And How To Get There

Thanks to its picturesque views and reconstructed road Azat Reservoir has become a popular tourist destination in Armenia in recent years. Those visiting Garni and Geghard and then heading towards Khor Virap and other places of interest in that direction always stop by Azat Reservoir. This article can serve as a useful tourist guide for those planning a trip there.

Azat Reservoir, located in the Ararat Region of Armenia, was established in 1976. The reservoir is situated on the Azat River and holds a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List, boasting a volume of about 70 million cubic meters.

During the dry season, the Azat Reservoir plays a crucial role in irrigating the Ararat valley.

A hiking tour to mount Yeranos promises a wonderful view towards Azat reservoir from the summit!

In dry years, when the water level in the reservoir drops below the norm, there is a need to increase water intake from Sevan, posing a threat to Sevan! Thus Azat reservoir is really playing a key role in country’s ecosystem!

The reservoir is abundant with fish, including carp and crucian carp, making it a favorite spot for fishing and recreation, not only for locals but also for tourists.

Additionally, the reservoir draws paragliders who organize flights over it and the surrounding landscapes.

Me posing for a photo before the flight over Azat reservoir and mount Yeranos! Here we go...

Standup paddleboarders also enjoy the water here...

The distance from Yerevan (Republic Square) to Azat reservoir is around 40 km. But if you are heading towards that region and are new to Armenia, it would be great to first visit Garni Temple (suggestion: on your way stop near Arch of Charents) and Geghard Monastery before routing towards Azat Reservoir. Upon reaching the reservoir, for a better view, it would be great to follow the asphalt road, reach the top of the nearby hill, and enjoy the scenery!


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