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Behind the Scenes of a Soviet Culture House

A visit to this culture house promises a journey into the Soviet past, revealing the charm of old movie projectors, vintage posters, a captivating fresco, and exquisite stage curtains! Join my guided tours for unforgettable impressions.

Although designed by the renowned Armenian architect Rafael Israelyan, this culture house didn't leave a strong impression from the outside. However, the interior proved to be fascinating. While it continues to host activities such as kids' dancing classes, it undoubtedly requires urgent reconstruction. Anahit, a woman living nearby and working in there, guided us through the venue.


This part of the culture house serves as a gym for local athletes...

Upon entering, a massive fresco caught my attention, depicting a war scene from Armenian history. The majestic artwork left a lasting impression. On the way to the projector room, a big painting of Lenin was lying on the floor—an appreciated nod to preserving history.


Soviet movie projectors can still be found in large quantities in culture houses...

The projector room housed two vintage projectors and adorned with attractive movie posters from the Soviet past. However, the highlight was undoubtedly the concert hall, featuring impressive stage curtains. Anahit enthusiastically opened them, allowing me to capture photos one by one.

There is a popular dance style 'Dance of Tulips' in Armenia! This curtain is based on it!

She mentioned a large curtain depicting Lenin, though our attempt to unveil it proved unsuccessful. In conclusion, this site is a delightful visit, offering excellent opportunities for urbex photography.

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