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Exploring an abandoned chemical factory in Armenia

This abandoned Soviet-era factory in Armenia had a lot to offer! Two notable things we discovered during this urbex tour were a unique fresco and a 'Lenin, Engels, Marx' mosaic.

I wanted to get inside this abandoned factory in Armenia for a long time, and the time finally came! We had a vague information that there is a fresco in this factory and went to check it out. After wandering around for a while we finally spotted the fresco from outside and got inside the building!

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Glory to the Komsomol!

My heart started to beat happily… the fresco was amazing! So far it is the only Soviet fresco that I found in Armenia with a Russian inscription on it: Слава комсомолу! Glory to the Komsomol!

Detekcni Trubice, checmical plant, chemical factory


We went on exploring further and got inside a room with lots of boxes called “Detekcni Trubice”! A quick google research said that: “Detekcni Trubice - UH - V detection tubes are intended for the determination of hydrocarbons and the lower explosive limit of solvent vapors in the air. The detection tube KT - 1 serves to determine the direction of air flow. Detection tubes are intended for single use.”

We moved forward… suddenly my friend called “Hurry up! Look what I found”.

mosaic, Lenin, Engels, Marx, chemical factory, urbex

With a smile on my face I am posing for a photo ...

I entered a large room and saw on the wall a big mosaic of Lenin, Engels  and Marx! It left a strong impression on me—a piece of history that may soon vanish…

Needless to say that we also saw countless warning posters on the walls … For more check out the gallery below...

Project Gallery

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