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Discover a Soviet Time Culture House in Armenia

This abandoned Soviet-Armenian culture house offers a thrilling architectural design which urban explorers will definitely appreciate!

Arshaluys Culture House is one of the most impressive buildings you can find in Armenian villages. It was constructed in 1961, designed by the architect Razmik Alaverdyan.

Unfortunately, a damaged roof became the primary cause of the early deterioration of the culture house. Despite the interior being in a state of disrepair, one can still discern its majestic architectural design. Fortunately, the roof has now been renovated, and efforts are underway to fully restore the culture house.

A nice bas-relief on the facade! One can even discern an Armenian inscription «Նուրիջանյան Կառլեն 1961», “Nurijanyan Karlen 1961”! 

Karlen Nurijanyan was a renowned Armenian sculptor, famous for “Hayk Nahapet”, “Torq Angegh”, “Vahagn Dragonslayer” and many other statues!

Emblem of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic on the top of the stage.

The Armenian SSR emblem, designed from a sketch by painter Martiros Saryan, was adopted in 1937. Featuring Mount Ararat, it drew objections from Turkey. The Kremlin retorted that although the Turkish symbol was the crescent, surely it did not mean that they laid claim to the moon. In 1992, the emblem evolved in the current Armenian coat of arms, retaining Mount Ararat.

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