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Armenian quotes and proverbs

Armenian quotes are expressions of wisdom, humor, and insight that reflect the culture and history of the Armenian people. They often use proverbs, metaphors, and idioms to convey their messages. Here are some examples of Armenian quotes …

These are just some of the many Armenian quotes and proverbs that can inspire and motivate us to live better lives. 

Spring will not come with one flower. – Armenian Proverb

Better to have a blind eye than a blind mind. – A quote by Eghishe

Everyone draws the fire under his omelette. – Armenian Proverb

If there was wisdom in beards, all goats would be prophets -  Armenian Proverb

The wound of a dagger heals, but that of the tongue, never. – Armenian Proverb

If you speak too much, you will learn too little. – Armenian Proverb

Measure seven times, cut once. – Armenian Proverb

Thunder clouds do not always give rain. – Armenian Proverb

Work is black, bread is white. – Armenian Proverb

Tell me who your friend is, I'll tell you who you are. – Armenian Proverb

Language is the builder and destroyer of the world. – Armenian Proverb

Run away from that water that does not make noise or gurgle. – Armenian Proverb

Fatty lamb deserves a sharp knife. – Armenian Proverb

You can't close the wolf's mouth with a prayer. – Armenian Proverb

The snow has no idea that the poor man has no firewood. – Armenian Proverb

On every road you pass, say: this is different already.- Eghishe Charents

If my enemies like what I have done, it means I have made a mistake. – Eghishe Charents

O Armenian people, your only salvation lies in your collective strength. – Eghishe Charents

A good book can save an entire nation – Raffi

Nobody casts stones at a fruitless tree – Armenian Proverb

He digs his well with a needle – Armenian Proverb

Every grain is not a pearl – Armenian Proverb

There is no salt in my bread – Armenian Proverb

He goes on a pilgrimage without incense and candle – Armenian Proverb

He sifts water – Armenian Proverb

Dark heart - white teeth – Armenian Proverb

These proverbs and quotes show some of the values and beliefs that Armenians hold dear, such as courage, perseverance, creativity, love, and hope. They also reveal some of the challenges and struggles that Armenians have faced throughout their history, such as war, genocide, and oppression. However, they also demonstrate the resilience and spirit of the Armenian people who have overcome these difficulties and preserved their identity and heritage.



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