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Kond Mosque in Yerevan

Kond is an old district in the eastern highlands of Yerevan within the boundaries of the modern Kentron administrative district. It is one of the oldest districts of Yerevan. In the Kond district, there are many historical buildings, including the famous Shia Islamic Tapabashi Mosque, built in 1687.

Kond Mosque, built in 1687, is a Shia Islamic mosque located in the south of Yerevan's Kond district. It is situated at the intersection of the current Kond, Rustaveli, and Simeon Yerevantsi streets. It is also known as Abbas-Ghulu Khan Mosque or Tapabashi Mosque.


A historical photo of Kond Mosque

Before the mosque, an Armenian church stood on this site until it was destroyed by an earthquake in 1679. Kond Mosque originally had two domes, one large and one small. The large dome was demolished in the 1960s.

Even in ruins, this building is impressive. It boasts some of the finest architectural and design elements that Persian-style mosques are known for.

The old walls of Kond Mosque barely stand today

In 1915, 17 families who survived the Armenian Genocide found a shelter in here, and their descendants still live in the mosque building. Today, an Armenian man named Aram lives in the mosque with his family. He is very hospitable and always has a lot to show and tell his guests.


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