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Exploring An Abandoned Factory In Armenia

While exploring abandoned buildings in Armenia, we entered this factory where we saw a fresco of Lenin, many rusty buses, and picturesque posters on 'Civil Defense' and 'Road Safety Rules'! Urbexing in Armenia can reveal lots of interesting stuff about the country's rich industrial history!

In the northern part of Armenia, we explored an abandoned factory that held a lot of interesting surprises! G. Mattu had some vague information about it, and we decided to check it out. Access was easy; we parked the car nearby, hopped over a boom barrier, and entered the territory. Near the building's entrance, there was a chair and a coffee cup, giving me the impression that we might encounter someone, but in the end, we met no one.

We walked up the stairs which led to a large fresco of Lenin.

At the time we thought this is the only survived fresco of Lenin in Armenia but a year later G. Mattu found another one!

After capturing some photos, we continued exploring and entered a hall filled with old buses. We spent some time taking pictures before moving forward.

Always love seeing cars painted yellow! This yellow Ikarus bus caught my eye instantly...

Another room awaited us, adorned with posters on 'Road Safety Rules' and 'Civil Defense.'

This led to that room full of posters...

In Soviet Union civil defense measures were first held during the repulsion of the German attack on Petrograd in February - March 1918. On March 3, 1918, the Committee of Revolutionary Defense of Petrograd appealed to the population of Petrograd and its environs, where they brought to them the basic requirements of air defense and chemical protection.

It uses the principles of emergency operations: prevention, mitigation, preparation, response, or emergency evacuation and recovery.

On how to use a gas mask correctly!

Together with radio and newspapers, posters in the Soviet Union were means of agitation and propaganda, influencing the consciousness and mood of people in order to encourage them to political or other activities. These posters are typically works of fine art and reflect elements of Soviet cultural heritage. In this case we have posters on "Road Safety" which I personally liked a lot!

 G. Mattu is exploring "Road Safety" posters!

I took as many photos as possible to share with you.

All in all, this abandoned factory turned out to be an interesting place to explore, and I hope we can return there together! Join my guided tour by contacting me!


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