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Exploring an abandoned clock factory

Explore the rich history of the Yerevan Clock Factory, founded in 1943. From stylish alarm clocks to commemorative timepieces, discover the legacy of innovation.

The Yerevan clock factory was founded in 1943. It had pressing, automatic galvanizing, mechanical, assembly and other workshops. It produced stylish alarm clocks and electronic mechanical watches. In 1945, 13.6 thousand watches were produced, in 1975 - 4 million 105 thousand watches.


This building always captured my attention

Its products were distributed in Soviet Armenia (approximately 4,200 addresses) and exported to 63 countries, including West Germany, England, France, Cuba, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and others. Since 1954, the factory showcased its products at union and international exhibitions and fairs like Zagreb, Leipzig, Warsaw, Tokyo, Montreal, and Cairo.


Approximately 260 individuals working in the factory received medals from the USSR for their outstanding achievements. Avetisyan's watch case manufacturing machine earned a silver medal for high productivity (16 times more than the previous model) at the USSR Academy of Arts and Sciences.


Paper clock face of "SEVANI" alarm clock!

An important aspect of the factory was its ability to produce all necessary watch parts on-site, starting from clean raw materials. Aside from mass consumption alarm clocks and wall clocks, the factory crafted commemorative clocks for significant national events. Examples include apricot wood watches for Komitas's centenary, Armenian tuff watches for Lenin's centenary, featuring carvings of the Armenian alphabet and the Matenadaran building.


Regrettably, a decision has been made to demolish the building from the 1930s-1940s. Despite left only with bare walls, its unique design still captures attention. Farewell to the Clock Factory, a historical maker of timepieces!

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