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Exploring an abandoned sanatorium

During this urbex tour, I'm exploring a 14-story building known as "Arzni 3," once a bustling sanatorium during Soviet times. Today, it stands abandoned, stripped of windows and doors. Only a handful of artworks adorn the walls, serving as poignant reminders of its former glory.

Located 23 kilometers north of Yerevan, Arzni village was renowned for its high-quality mineral water and was home to Armenia's finest sanatoriums. People from across the Soviet Union visited to enjoy holidays and improve their health.


Sanatorium "Arzni 3"

In the Soviet Union and post-Soviet countries, a sanatorium is a combined resort and medical facility offering short-term rest and medical services, akin to a spa resort. The history of these health resorts dates back to 1920s when the construction of the first sanatoriums started!


This fresco was really good!

Construction of the third 14-story building began in 1975 and was completed nine years later. The accommodations were luxurious, featuring numerous recreation rooms, a swimming pool, and a cozy restaurant accessible through a covered ground passage. Adjacent to the building was a funicular connecting it to the first and third buildings.


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