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Armenia is among top 10 safest countries

Following the 2020 Second Nagorno-Karabakh War and subsequent escalations, many visitors planning a trip to Armenia have questioned the safety of traveling to the country. This brief article aims to shed light on this topic.

 According to the World Population Review in 2023, Armenia boasts the ninth-lowest crime rate globally, measuring at 22.79 per 100,000 citizens. The Crime Index categorizes this as a very low crime rate. The country maintains a relatively low level of crime, with an even lower impact on tourists. (By the way, the Crime Index is an estimate of the overall crime rate in a given city or country. The organization considers crime rates below 20 to be very low, crime rates from 20 to 40 as low, crime rates from 40 to 60 as moderate, crime rates from 60 to 80 as high, and finally crime rates above 80 as very high.)


Addressing the recent escalations with Azerbaijan, it's crucial to note that areas of armed conflict are primarily near the border. However, popular tourist destinations, including sightseeing spots and hiking trails, are situated far from these regions. The likelihood of endangering your trip due to such incidents is very low.


Overall, travelers have reported positive experiences exploring Armenia's rich cultural heritage. As in any other country, it is advisable to follow safety instructions: remain vigilant when crossing streets, especially during late hours and in restricted areas, avoid large crowds and demonstrations, and adhere to the advice and instructions of local authorities.


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