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Funny and famous Armenian sayings

Explore the charm of Armenian humor and wisdom through these funny idioms! From expressions of admiration to quirky observations about life, these sayings reveal the heart of Armenian culture. Delve into the meanings behind phrases like "ironing the head" and "let it snow on your brain," and discover the unique ways Armenians express appreciation, respect, and love. Enjoy a delightful journey into the linguistic richness of Armenia!

In all languages, including Armenian, idioms (sayings) are expressions that reflect the wisdom, humor, and culture of a nation. These idioms are widely used expressions containing a figurative meaning that differs from the phrase's literal meaning. They often convey moral lessons, practical advice, or witty observations about life. Some of these sayings are very old and have been passed down from generation to generation, while others are more modern and reflect the changing times. For foreigners, in most cases, these sayings sound funny, and they just love it. Here are some examples of Armenian sayings and their meanings:

 This is how AI is "ironing our head" :D

Աչքս մտար (Atchks mtar): This means “entering my eye” and is used to show appreciation or admiration for someone who has done something good or helpful. For example, if a friend helps you with a difficult task or does something impressive, you can say “atchks mtar” to thank them.


Գլխիս վրա տեղ ունես (Glkhis vra tegh unes): This means “you have a place on my head” and is used to express care, concern, or huge respect! For example, if you want to give someone a tribute, you can say “glkhis vra tegh unes” to wish him/her well.


Ցավդ տանեմ (Tsavd tanem): This means taking away your pain or let me take your pain away. It is often used when you want to show that the person is dear to you and that person can even be a stranger.


Գլուխ արդուկել (Glugh ardukel): This is one of the funniest ones and means “ironing the head,” which means talking nonsense and not saying anything all that useful (i.e., beating around the bush).


Բոյիդ մեռնեմ (Boyid mernem). English: Let me die on your height: This is another very sweet expression that aims to show respect to someone.


Պորտը տեղը դնել (Porty teghy dnel). It literally means “to put someone’s belly button into its place,” which means you are showing someone's place and revealing his real face.


Խելքիդ ձուն գա (Khelqid dzun ga). It literally means “let it snow on your brain!”, which means you are naive or stupid and stop showing your "knowledge."


Ջիգյարդ ուտեմ (Jigyard outem). English: I want to eat your liver. This is a very sweet expression with which you show your love towards someone.


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