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Garmont Boots Review: My Experience and Thoughts

Finding boots that fit my size 48 feet has always been a challenge. After an extensive search, I finally discovered the Garmont Scarponi Pinnacle GTX boots in size 48. Here is my quick review of these boots.

Hiking Experience


I typically use lightweight Quechua hiking shoes, but they lack waterproof capabilities. I needed high-quality boots for hiking in conditions where melting snow could lead to wet feet. The Garmont Scarponi Pinnacle GTX boots met my needs perfectly. Although they are slightly heavy, they performed exceptionally well in waterproofing tests and, most importantly, provided a comfortable fit.


Unboxing my new GARMONT boots

The company describes these boots as, “Designed for the expert hiker who also uses a heavy backpack. Extremely versatile for challenging backpacking and mixed routes.”



Equipped with a Vibram® Titus sole with semi-solid heel and toe, these boots perform well on hard surfaces and are non-slip on wet stones. The concave profile of the heel increases the braking effect during descents. While I expected better quality from the insoles, Garmont states, “Ultra-light insole, in nylon and fiberglass, with air chambers for lightness and better insulation capacity.” They may be effective, but it is visually challenging to distinguish this.

After 1 year of use they look really very fresh

Specifications by Garmont

Protection: 5/5

Lightness: 3/5

Support: 4/5

Stiffness: 4/5

Fit: Alpine


ADD® Technology


What I loved most, apart from the perfect fit, is the waterproof quality. According to Garmont, these boots are designed with GORE-TEX® Performance Comfort product technology, ideal for outdoor activities in moderate temperatures. They offer long-term waterproofing with optimal breathability, thanks to their innovative construction, making them suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities and changing weather conditions.

The insole length is 32 centimeters for size 48. For hiking, these boots are relatively heavy: a single size 42 boot weighs 858 grams, while a single size 48 boot weighs 1080 grams.


Overall, I am very pleased with these boots and plan to purchase walking shoes from this brand in the future.


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