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Yerevan Vernissage - A Tourist's Favorite Open-Air Market

Yerevan Vernissage stands as a beloved tourist attraction in the heart of Yerevan! In this brief article, I aim to guide you through a must-visit spot during your strolls around the city. If you are the one looking for souvenirs to buy then this market is just for you, each corner holds a piece of local artistry waiting to become a part of your everyday life.

Yerevan Vernissage is a large open-air market in Yerevan, Armenia. The name of the market is derived from the French word 'vernissage.' The market extends along Aram Street and Buzand Street, covering a length of 350 meters (1,150 feet), just a few minutes' walk from Republic Square. It primarily features a diverse collection of traditional Armenian artworks crafted and sold by local artisans.

Made by local masters silver jewelry has a high demand among tourists because of a high quality and affordable price!

Established during the 1980s, Yerevan Vernissage was initiated by Armenian artists who began showcasing their artworks in the square adjacent to the Artists' Union of Armenia (now Charles Aznavour Square). Some also utilized the park next to Komitas State Conservatory for their exhibitions. Over time, Vernissage moved to Martiros Saryan Garden in front of the Opera House and gradually expanded. Eventually, it found its current location on Aram and Buzand streets, spanning from the Republic Square metro station to the statue of Vardan Mamikonyan. Despite this move, painters still utilize Saryan Park to exhibit their paintings.

Before the invention of metals our ancestors were making knives from obsidian! Now local masters are reviving this tradition! By the way these knives are optional and are very sharp!

The market operates every day, with an increased number of sellers and displayed products on weekends.

These wooden statues appear to be crafted by a very skilled artisan.

At Vernissage, visitors can explore carved wood and art pieces, traditional carpets, antique coin and medallion collections, books, jewelry, musical instruments, electronics, and even pets.


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