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My Favorite Metal Bas-Reliefs in Armenia

Bas-reliefs, a form of sculpture where figures are slightly raised from a flat background, have been used throughout history to commemorate events, celebrate cultural achievements, and propagate political ideologies. During the Soviet era, these artistic expressions were extensively employed across the Union, including in Armenia, to convey the principles and triumphs of socialism while also decorating buildings to create an inspiring atmosphere.

After some contemplation, I decided to write an article about my favorite bas-reliefs in Armenia, dividing the work into two parts: metal bas-reliefs and stone bas-reliefs. Although metal bas-reliefs are not abundant in Armenia, the ones I have seen are wonderful and I truly admire them. Here are my favorite examples. A careful eye will notice a resemblance among them; the expressions and body language of the women are very similar, and women often occupy a central part in most of these bas-reliefs, surrounded by cosmonauts and space-related objects.


This bas-relief is my favorite. The figures appear to be levitating, as if in zero gravity

The theme of cosmonautics, or space exploration, became a prominent motif in Soviet art during the mid-20th century, reflecting the USSR’s pioneering achievements in space exploration and its broader ideological, cultural, and political aspirations. This theme brought a fresh idea to art, and artists began to incorporate it into their works.


This bas-relief is also impressive and, like the previous one, focuses on the subject of cosmonautics.

Today, Soviet bas-reliefs in Armenia serve as poignant reminders of a complex and multifaceted past. They provide valuable educational opportunities for younger generations to learn about the history of the Soviet period, its art, and its impact on Armenian society. Moreover, these bas-reliefs are an integral part of Armenia’s urban landscape, contributing to the country’s unique cultural mosaic.


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