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A stunning culture house in Armenia

The time has come! I am now making a visit to one of the most stunning cultural houses in Armenia! This building, built in Soviet times, is an architectural masterpiece and can leave a lasting impression on urban explorers!

This culture house is located in Verin (Upper) Artashat village in the Ararat region, Armenia. Designed by Gevorg Tamanyan, it was built in 1957 and is included in the list of immovable monuments of history and culture of Verin Artashat. Gevorg was Alexander Tamanyan’s son who, after his father’s death, continued working on unfinished projects.

The culture house of Verin Artashat

It is a two-story building with three sculptured entrances built with pink tuff and is distinguished by its unique design. Two rows of large-sized windows are installed along the entire length of the facade, designed with a pair of semi-columns and an arch. Above the arch is a row of smaller, circular windows.

Took this photo while standing on the stage

The 460-seat hall is located on the second floor. It was partially renovated in 2010, but all in all, it has preserved its initial look, and those who appreciate untouched relics from Soviet times should definitely add this location to their to-do list! The cultural house has a cozy library and classes for kids who are studying dancing and singing!

Thanks to the librarian's efforts, the inside of the library was very neat, with books all lined up carefully and dust cleaned off

The librarian, Mrs. Siranush, is a super kind and well-mannered woman who is ready to show around and tell stories to guests!

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