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Exploring an Abandoned Glass Factory

We received information from a local stalker that there is a fascinating fresco inside this abandoned glass factory! The time has come for exploration...


There is no information about this glass factory on the internet! It is said that it ceased to operate after the collapse of the Soviet Union and was then relaunched somewhere in the 2000s, but for some reason, it stopped operating again. Today, this once-gigantic factory lies in ruins. On that day, we were lucky; there was no guard, while later we learned that several stalkers got caught while sneaking inside.


The rooms were full of lamp glasses

Okay, and here we are, entering the room full of lamp glasses, and on the wall, we see that long-desired fresco.

It’s unknown who the author is; some say it was done by renowned Armenian artist Minas Avetisyan, who worked in that region, while others deny that idea. Anyway, it looked nice and mysterious.

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