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Exploring an Abandoned Thermal Power Plant

Once again, I find myself on an urbex mission. This article serves as a brief reflection on my exploration of the abandoned thermal power plant. It marked my inaugural experience inside such a structure, leaving me profoundly impressed.

The Yerevan Thermal Power Plant (CHP) was commissioned in 1963 and initially operated on coal. Following subsequent modernizations, it transitioned to natural gas, rendering the old cooling towers obsolete.


The cooling towers are creating an apocalyptic backdrop

Currently, only four cooling towers remain, as two were dismantled between 2011 and 2012. Constructed from reinforced concrete with wooden decking, these cooling towers possess an epic aesthetic that appeals to urban photographers.


A look at the sky while standing inside the cooling tower

A rusty staircase provides access to the upper levels. As of spring 2024, the entrances to 3 cooling towers were locked, with only one tower accessible. Nearby structures, potentially control rooms, were not explored during this visit. Although there is security at the checkpoint, fortunately, there was no encounter with them on that particular day.

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