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We saw a huge fresco inside this culture house

While on an urbex mission in the Aragatsotn region, Armenia, we visited this village to see their culture house! It didn’t disappoint, as inside, we saw a huge fresco!

Katnaghbyur village is located 42 km northwest of the regional center Ashtarak, at an altitude of 1720 m above sea level. Despite the rainy weather, I continued driving until we reached the village. The door of the cultural house was locked, but from outside, we peered through the door glass and saw a huge fresco! Close to the cultural house was a shop owned by Sasun, who called the local villager to bring the keys. The fresco was good and I could feel its radiating energy.

The facade of the building

The central part of the fresco depicts military commander Andranik Ozanian with his small group of militants. Although one should read the fresco from left to right, I guess... In the right corner, we see an Armenian church, a symbol of Christianity and belief. Next to it, we see Armenian girls, one of them with a newly born child. New life… Then, a child with a dagger hanging from his waist looks at Andranik and his friends with an inspired look. Following that, we see women and men dancing, while musicians playing. Behind them, Armenian landscapes and Mount Ararat are depicted. Luckily, the artists left their names and the date of creation on the fresco: A. Grigoryan and G. Azizyan, 1978.

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