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World War II Memorials In Armenia Worth Seeing

Explore Armenia's World War II memorials, honoring the bravery of its people. These monuments serve as poignant reminders of sacrifice and valor, standing as a testament to their bravery and unwavering dedication to their country.

In 1920, Armenia's population stood at 700 thousand. By the onset of World War II, it had swelled to 1.5 million, yet remained the smallest in the Soviet Union (1.1% of the USSR's population). Despite this, around 500,000 Armenians were conscripted into the Soviet army from 1941 to 1945, with every other soldier failing to return from the front lines.


World War II Memorial In Alashkert village, Armavir region

Among them, 103 Armenians were honored with the title of hero, 27 were bestowed with the prestigious Order of Glory, and approximately 80,000 received various medals and honors. Notably, 30,000 Armenians fought in the Battle of Stalingrad. The ranks of Armenian generals swelled to 64 within the USSR, including marshals, generals, and admirals, many of whom assumed crucial roles during the war: 1 as front commanders, 3 as army commanders, 5 as corps commanders, 22 as division commanders, 25 as brigade commanders, and 100 as regiment commanders.


World War II Memorial In Arshaluys village, Armavir region

In remembrance of their sacrifice, monuments and memorials were erected in nearly every city and village across Armenia after World War II. These structures still stand today, serving as poignant reminders of the harrowing events of that era. Crafted with artistic finesse, these monuments captivate the attention of visitors, especially those from beyond the former Soviet sphere.


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