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Kari Lake – Armenia’s High Altitude Lake Accessible On Sedan

If you're eager to explore Armenia's natural beauty, Lake Kari is a must-visit destination that promises adventure and breathtaking scenery. Located on the slopes of Mount Aragats, Lake Kari is just one of many high-altitude lakes drawing tourists seeking outdoor adventures in Armenia.

On the slopes of mount Aragats there are many high altitude lakes which are popular touristic destinations! Among them Lake Kari, Lake Rapi, Mtnalich, Lake Astghakan are very popular!

Lake Kari as seen by my camera! In the distance, you can see Mount Aragats, with the left summit being the western one and the right summit being the southern one.

The distance from Yerevan (Republic Square) to Lake Kari (Stone Lake) spans around 60km! An old but decent asphalt road leads there! Around 1 hour and you are there, on the elevation of 3200 meters!

Lake Kari has a perimeter of 1,150 meters and reaches a depth of 8 meters. Its water remains refreshingly cold, making it an inviting spot for swimming during hot days. The lake is primarily fed by precipitation. However, for a significant portion of the year, Lake Kari remains frozen, typically for 8–9 months.

On the shore of Lake Kari on the elevation of 3200 meters Cosmic Ray Research Station is located which was established in 1943 by renowned Soviet physicists brothers Artem and Abraham Alikhanyan!

One of the earliest photos of Lake Kari and Cosmic Ray Research Station! Year 1953

It's important to note that due to heavy snowfall, the road leading to Lake Kari is closed from the end of November until the beginning of May.

If you are traveling in a sedan, it is advisable to choose the road that passes through Byurakan village. Opting for the route near Alphabet Park may result in encountering numerous unpleasant potholes.

A Vishapakar (Dragonstone) on the shore of Kari Lake!

These are monoliths found in large numbers in the Armenian Highlands near high-altitude lakes or water sources and are connected with the worship of water!

Lake Kari also serves as a starting point for those climbing Mount Aragats!


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