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Megalithic walls of Tghit cyclopean fortress

Went for a solo hike to explore the lesser-known Tghit Cyclopean fortress in Armenia. Despite its close proximity to the capital, Yerevan, it remains relatively undiscovered. Nevertheless, this enigmatic destination promises outdoor explorers an enjoyable and mysterious trip!

This week, I had a very interesting solo hike to the Tghit Cyclopean Fortress. As for me, I simply adore unpopular hiking destinations and finding myself off the map. Being in this remote fortress felt like I was an old-time explorer hunting for treasure! The treasure I found was the fortress itself, the dense woods that I struggled to pass through, and the unforgettable moments that will never fade from my memory.


After conquering the fortress I am exploring the settlements lying down in the valley...

Tghit is a Late Bronze and Early Iron Age fortress located 2.5 km west of Tegehnik village in the Kotayk region, on one of the wooded peaks of the Tsaghkunyats mountain range.


It was discovered in 1975 by the joint archaeological expedition of the Institutes of Art, Archaeology, and Ethnography of the Academy of Sciences of the Armenian SSR and the Armenian Studies Center of Yerevan University. The fortress comprises a walled settlement, a reservoir, and tombs, covering an area of approximately 1 hectare. I stood there, gazing in wonder, contemplating how our ancestors managed to build walls that have stood for thousands of years. In some places, the preserved parts of the walls and towers exceed 6 meters in height. The main gate is approximately 5 meters wide and two existing entrances are still intact.


The width of walls surprises and speaks about the strength of the fortress!

Located on the north-western perimeter, an ancient reservoir once served as a vital water source, catering to the castle's needs for sustenance and irrigation. Although extensive excavations have not been conducted on the site thus far, it beckons further exploration and study to unravel its secrets and shed light on this ancient civilization's remarkable accomplishments.

All in all this was a wonderful hike and hope that this article and my videos published on social networks will boost the interest towards this destinations! Let it become a popular hiking destination in Armenia!


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