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Nemesis Monument in Yerevan

Explore the Nemesis Monument, a fountain-memorial in Yerevan's Circular Park, dedicated to the heroes of the 1919 Nemesis operation. Unveiled on April 25, 2023, with grandeur, the monument features the names of courageous figures like Soghomon Tehlirian and Artashes Gevorgyan. Symbolizing national resilience and justice, it commemorates the victims of the Armenian Genocide. This poignant piece of art serves as a reminder that crimes against humanity must not be overlooked, echoing the Armenian people's determination to seek justice and restore dignity to their nation.

Nearly a century after the Armenian Genocide, a sculpture honoring the heroes of the "Nemesis" initiative solemnly opened in the fourth segment of Circular Park. The Council of Elders decided to place the monument, with descendants of the Armenian Genocide revengers submitting the petition for its installation. Architect T. Barseghyan designed the Nemesis monument, commemorating the heroes who organized and executed the Nemesis operation in 1919. The monument, opened on April 25, 2023, is a powerful reminder of the Armenian Genocide and the imperative to seek justice for its victims.

Nemesis Monument in Circular Park, Yerevan

The names of those involved in Nemesis operation, including Soghomon Tehleryan, Aram Erkanyan, Armen Garo, Grigor Merjanov, Ara Sargsyan, Avetik Isahakyan, Hrach Papazyan, Shahan Natali, Hakob Melkumov, Yervand Fundukyan, Misak Torlakyan, Arshavir Shirakyan, Arshak Yezdanyan, Stepan Tsaghikyan, Artashes Gevorgyan, Petros Ter Poghosyan are inscribed on the monument. The implementers of Nemesis were intellectual Armenians, the best and most responsible, whose graves are scattered worldwide.

The monument symbolizes the will of the Armenian nation and the quest for justice. The courage of those honored has three main meanings: the execution of criminals, providing positivity to the depressed, and emphasizing that historical crimes go unpunished despite international attitudes. A beautiful piece of art, the monument stands as a testament to the bravery and determination of the Armenian people in seeking justice for the Armenian Genocide victims.

Visit this powerful symbol of remembrance and justice, reflecting the enduring spirit of the Armenian people.


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