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The Chess House in Yerevan Named After Tigran Petrosian

The Chess House in Yerevan stands as a testament to Soviet modernism, embodying more than mere architecture—it serves as a sanctuary for chess enthusiasts and a monumental tribute to Armenian chess history.

Soviet modernist buildings in Armenia are renowned for their clean lines, minimalist aesthetics, and innovative use of materials such as concrete, steel, and glass. These structures often feature geometric shapes while simultaneously maintaining functionality and comfort. The Chess House combines all these elements into an architectural masterpiece that continues to draw visitors from around the globe, even after half a century of its construction.

The Chess House named in honor of the 9th World Chess Champion, Tigran Petrosian. Fortunately, the Yerevan municipality has decided to demolish the adjacent buildings that are spoiling the view of this historic monument.


Located on Khanjyan Street within the Circular Park of the Kentron district, the Chess House was inaugurated with its cornerstone laid by Tigran Petrosyan. Originally named the Central House of Chess Players, it was renamed in 1984 in honor of Tigran Petrosian, the legendary Armenian chess grandmaster and World Chess Champion from 1963 to 1969. In 1989, a statue of Petrosian, sculpted by Armenian artist Ara Shiraz, was erected in front of the Chess House.

Tigran Petrosian is being introduced to the scale model of the future Chess House


Designed in 1970 by architects Zhanna Meshcheryakova and R. Manukyan, with artistic contributions from H. Bdeyan and D. Babayan, the Chess House features distinctive tapestries in the main playing hall, each measuring 20 meters, created by Karapet Eghiazaryan. Notably, the building's unique triangular shape evokes the form of a chess rook, and its facade is adorned with seven stylized chess pieces crafted from tempered copper.


This is the main playing hall where the important tournaments are held

Beyond its architectural significance, the Chess House serves as a focal point of chess activity in Yerevan. It houses the prestigious Yerevan Chess School, renowned for nurturing young chess talents, and regularly hosts tournaments that attract both seasoned players and amateurs alike.


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