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The Red Bridge - The Oldest Bridge In Yerevan

Explore the rich history of Yerevan's oldest bridge, the Red Bridge, in this article. Dating back to the 12th century, this significant structure, originally connecting the Yerevan fortress to the Ararat Valley, suffered destruction in the 1679 earthquake. Despite facing challenges, including the collapse caused by the passage of cars until the 1980s, the bridge is undergoing reconstruction and can become a popular touristic destination.

The construction of the Red Bridge dates back to the 12th century. It served as a crucial route for caravans heading to the city, connecting the Erevan fortress and the Ararat valley. In 1679, the bridge succumbed to an earthquake and was subsequently restored in 1680. In 1850, Russian engineers undertook repairs, ensuring the bridge retained its original appearance.

Red Bridge at the beginning of the 20th century

The bridge was a two-span stone arch. The span sizes were 14 + 14.1 m. Openings were made in the abutments for the passage of irrigation water. The total length of the bridge was 87.5 m, the width of the roadway was 6.5 m, and the height above the water level was 11 m.

Before the construction of the Victory Bridge, it was the Red Bridge that connected Yerevan with the right bank of Hrazdan river. The main Yerevan-Echmiadzin highway used to pass through this bridge.

This chamber has emerged in recent years due to the collapse of the wall. The architects are planning to turn this part into a museum after the reconstruction.

Until the beginning of the 1980s, cars were passing over the bridge, which became the reason for the collapse of the centuries-old bridge.

When I visited this place, I was happy to notice that the bridge is being reconstructed and soon this important part of history will rise from the ruins, getting its once magnificent appearance.


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