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Hiking tour to mount Dimats

Dimats mountain has surely become one of the most popular hiking and off-roading destinations in Armenia in recent years! Take this guided hiking tour and make your trip to Armenia a memorable one! This article can be a good tourist guide for those who want to hike and explore Dimats trail.

Thanks to its charming cliffs, Shaghot waterfall and photogenic views mount Dimats (2360 m) has become a popular hiking destination among tourists in Armenia! This is a peak in the Tavush Region of Armenia, in the southwestern part of Ijevan Mountains, 5 km northwest of Haghartsin village!

mount Dimats

On our way we will see lots of horses ...

Then we will see the pearl of this place: Shaghot waterfall!

Waterfall, Shaghot waterfall, Armenia

Shaghot waterfall is another popular tourist attraction! Imagine standing under the waterfall and watching water pouring down from the height of 46 meters...


Details Of The Hiking Tour To Mount Dimats:

Start: 7:30 from Yerevan

Finish: Around 7.00 PM in Yerevan

Hiking Distance: 8.5 km (One way)

Duration: 4-4.5 hours (Ascent)!

Altitude Gain: 1260 meters

Start point: Teghut village (1100m)

End point: Teghut village

Difficulty: Difficult

Trail Type: Linear

Transportation: Sedan


Tour Price to Dimats mountain:

1-4 Participants: 85.000 AMD

For larger groups, please consider contacting for more details!


The Price Includes:

Transportation (Pick Up & Drop-off)

Service of a guide.


The Price Does Not Include:

Airport transfers


Lunch (Lunchboxes can be added in case of an extra payment)


List of things you should consider taking:

1. Backpack: A sturdy backpack to carry all your essentials.

2. Water: Sufficient water to stay hydrated throughout the hike. At least 1.5 liters…

3. Food: Pack lightweight, high-energy snacks or meals to keep your energy levels up.

4. Clothing: Dress in layers, including a waterproof/windproof outer layer, and choose moisture-wicking materials. Having extra socks and boots always welcomed…

5. Hiking Shoes/Boots: Wear comfortable and supportive footwear suitable for the terrain.

6. First Aid Kit: I have mine but in case you are using specific medicaments take with you!

7. Sun Protection: Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to protect yourself from harmful UV rays.

9. Headlamp/Flashlight: Essential for hiking in low light conditions or during overnight trips.

10. Whistle: A loud whistle for attracting attention in case of emergencies.

11. Trekking Poles: Optional but helpful for stability, especially on challenging terrains.

12. Rain Gear: A lightweight, waterproof jacket or poncho to stay dry during rain showers.

13. Trash Bag: Carry a small bag to pack out your trash and keep the trail clean.

Remember, this list may vary depending on the length and difficulty of the hike, weather conditions, and personal needs. But this were the basic things I decided to emphasize!


Me standing at the top of mount Dimats and taking drone shots!

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