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A rare Soviet poster I discovered in Yerevan

This is one of the largest Soviet posters that has made its way into modern days! A wanted gem for urban explorers...

While urbexing with avarathewanderer in Yerevan he showed me a place which he had previously explored! It was a working space (active) with a huge Soviet poster hanging on the wall!

At the bottom of the poster, a well-known slogan in Russian was visible: 'В единстве производства и науки - могущество и будущность страны!' (The Power and Future of the Country Lies in the Unity of Industry and Science).

Although it's presumed to be a poster from the Perestroika era (1985 – 1991), we cannot be entirely certain.

The worker was friendly, and upon noticing our interest in history, he brought and brushed off the dust from some Soviet warning posters.

There was another room filled with posters that we observed from outside, but unfortunately, the door was locked, preventing us from gaining access.

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