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An urbex tour to an abandoned pioneer camp

Few urban explorers have visited this Godforsaken place, we were lucky to find it. An abandoned pioneer camp perched deep in the woods made a huge impression...

In Soviet times, there were 200 pioneer camps in Armenia, but after the collapse of the Soviet Union, only about 10 of them managed to survive. These pioneer camps were mainly located outside the cities, nestled in the woods. Today, these once vibrant places have become abandoned, with thick bushes overgrown around them, making them perfect for urban explorations.

Mysterious looking stairs led us to the once prosperous pioneer camp

Finally, in the midst of September, I decided to stop procrastinating and joined popular urban explorer, Avarathewanderer, on a journey to the North of Armenia to explore one of these previously prosperous pioneer camps. After wandering around for some time, we eventually located the camp and strolled down a beautiful alley that led us to it.

The walls are decorated with paintings from famous Soviet cartoons... Reminds me Pushkin's poem "The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish"

Although the buildings were still standing, the relentless passage of time had taken its toll, causing them to gradually deteriorate. We came across an open-air canteen adorned with walls featuring paintings of famous characters from Soviet cartoons. In some places, the walls were even decorated with frescoes. Overall, it was a captivating place that was well worth visiting.

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