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Aragil Restaurant in Victory Park

"Aragil" is an abandoned building in Victory Park, Yerevan, not far from the "Mother Armenia" monument. Since it sits atop a high hill, it offers a picturesque view of Yerevan. Unsurprisingly, it draws urban explorers, and some budget travelers even pitch tents to spend the night!

The "Aragil" (stork) restaurant, constructed in the 1960s in the style of regional modernism by architect Rafael Israelyan, stands abandoned and partially demolished in Victory Park, Yerevan. It is listed as a historical and cultural monument in the Kanaker-Zeytun Yerevan district.

Aragil restaurant in winter

The building, constructed from white stone with five identical arched entrances, showcases bas-reliefs of storks on its eastern and western walls, intricately carved by the master artisan Hrach Stepanyan.

A bas-relief by Hrach Stepanyan

Today, the site appeals primarily to urbex enthusiasts and those who appreciate its secluded charm. The elevated location offers a splendid view, making it an ideal spot for couples to embrace and enjoy the scenery.

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