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Deep in the Woods We Discovered This Soviet Pioneer Camp

Few urban explorers visit this abandoned place in Armenia! We stepped in to explore and found out that not much is left! Only bare walls and a few paintings...

In Soviet times, there were 200 pioneer camps in Armenia, but after the collapse of the Soviet Union, only about 10 of them managed to survive. These pioneer camps were primarily located outside the cities, nestled in the woods. Today, these once-vibrant places have become abandoned, overgrown with thick bushes, making them perfect for urban explorations.

While exploring the Syunik region with G. Mattu, we decided to check out a location we had vague information about as being a former pioneer camp. We drove to the once-popular Baghaberd Pioneer Camp. The road was old but had decent asphalt, so we reached it fairly quickly.

It turned out that nowadays, the place serves as a spot where locals come for picnics. We walked around, but the old buildings were heavily looted, and there wasn't much left.

Some paintings were still on the walls of the canteen, but overall, nothing significant remained. We walked around, took some photos, and left.

Despite the current state of disrepair, the site offered a glimpse into the past, evoking memories of a time when it was filled with the laughter and energy of children. The architectural style, though deteriorating, still carried the essence of Soviet design, with its utilitarian structures and communal spaces.

On one metal sign, we saw the Communist symbol "Hammer and Sickle." As you know, that symbol represented proletarian solidarity between agricultural and industrial workers.

The exploration highlighted the stark contrast between the past and present, reflecting the broader changes that Armenia has undergone since the Soviet era. While the physical structures are decaying, they stand as silent witnesses to a bygone era, telling stories of the countless young lives that once passed through their doors.

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