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Exploring a Giant Thread Factory

Discover the history and nostalgia of a giant Soviet-era thread factory, where original machinery and rare Armenian safety posters remain intact. Experience the thrill of seeing the machines in action and explore parts of the factory that have been modernized in recent years.

This giant thread factory is a fascinating time capsule, offering a journey back to the Soviet era when heavy machinery transformed wool into thread. What stands out is that everything remains in place; unlike many other factories, nothing here has been looted, which is quite surprising.


Me posing for a photo while standing between thread making machines...

The good news is that some parts we didn't enter have been relaunched and modernized in recent years.

Moreover, the guard who showed us around pressed a button, and the machines started working. It was an incredible sight—I could never have expected such functionality from these rusty machines.

Inside, we saw numerous Soviet safety posters, many with rare Armenian inscriptions, adding to the historical charm of the site.

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