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Exploring an abandoned shoe factory in Armenia

While on an exploration mission in the Syunik region with G. Mattu, we decided to explore this shoe factory as well. It had a guard, probably living nearby, whom we managed to convince to let us in, and he kindly showed us around.


Not much information is available about this shoe factory, but the man told  us that it ceased operations in the 2000s. During the Soviet era, it produced some of the finest shoes in Armenia, which were later distributed throughout the Soviet Union.

Me in the library of the abandoned shoe factory! Like any other factories this one also had a library and a meeting hall!

Judging by the design and quality of the remaining shoes, I got the impression that they were indeed of high quality. If the factory had continued operating into modern days, it could have further improved the quality and enhanced the design.

The shelves were full of shoe samples!

Unfortunately, like hundreds of other factories from the Soviet period in Armenia, it now lies in ruins.

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