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Exploring an abandoned Soviet culture house

This abandoned Soviet Culture House in Armenia, with its crumbling facade, ghostly interiors and magnificent frescoes serves as a poignant reminder of a chapter in history that has shaped the collective memory of our nation.

Finally, we are on the way! Despite the rainy day, we proceeded to explore this culture house from Soviet times. It has some of the best frescoes one can see in Armenia. Inside, you can find amazing frescoes by the renowned Armenian artist Tigran Tokmajyan!

I am lighting the fresco of Tigran Tokmajyan to capture a higher quality photo

It depicts various historical periods of the Armenian nation — from Hayk Nahapet's liberating war against Bel's army to the invention of the Armenian alphabet and the heroic battles of Armenian fedayis in the beginning of the 20th century!

To the culture house

Photographers, urban explorers, and history enthusiasts can definitely appreciate this place! Join my guided tours to explore the "abandoned side" of Armenia!

Hope that efforts to preserve the legacy of this culture house will gain momentum some day!

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