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Exploring an abandoned Soviet sanatorium

Explore the Arzni village's iconic sanatorium, nestled 23 km north of Yerevan. Once a Soviet-era popular sanatorium, now a time capsule revealing a unique blend of leisure and medical services.

Located 23 km north of Yerevan, Arzni village, renowned for its high-quality mineral water, was home to Armenia's best sanatoriums. People from the entire Soviet Union were visiting this place to enjoy holidays and regain health.


Perched high on the hill this sanatorium looks like a fortress from the gorge

In the Soviet Union and post-Soviet countries, a sanatorium is a combined resort and medical facility offering short-term complex rest and medical services, similar to a spa resort.


Projector room with its movie posters made a huge impression on me

Following the Soviet Union's collapse, these sanatoriums were privatized. Properties without investments decayed, facing looting, while guarded ones became time capsules. This particular sanatorium, built for tire factory workers, remains frozen in time, a unique glimpse into the past.


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