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Exploring the Abandoned Armenian Scientific Institute of Livestock Breeding and Forage Production

While exploring abandoned buildings in Armenia, we discovered a looted institute with two striking bas-reliefs and remnants of research on livestock and animal nutrition. This site once played a vital role in advancing Armenia's livestock industry, focusing on animal quality and forage production.

While exploring abandoned buildings in Armenia with G. Mattu, we spotted a large bas-relief in the distance. I had previously seen this bas-relief online but had no idea of its location. Access to the building was straightforward, so we decided to enter. Inside, we encountered an impressive bas-relief featuring thematic images that aligned with the institution's activities.


The facade of the building was decorating a nice bas-relief

The site had been looted; the library was devoid of books, and most rooms were nearly empty of furniture. However, some bulletin boards remained, showcasing photographs and informational texts related to pigs, poultry farming, animal nutrition, forage, and sheep breeding. These remnants provided insight into the research fields once pursued at the institute.


An old educational display related to a specific breed of sheep

I believe the institute likely played a crucial role in enhancing Armenia's livestock industry, focusing on both the quality of the animals and the availability of their feed.

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