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Inside the Abandoned Culture House of Physics Institute

This abandoned culture house amazed me with the posters I saw inside! So far, I have explored many abandoned buildings, but this one was really good! Take a look at Soviet posters and more that we found!

We had vague information that there should be a culture house in the territory of the Institute, so we did some research via Google Earth and found a few photos from inside available, and went for an exploration!

One can be left speechless seeing Soviet architecture...

The rainy day was in our favor since there were not many people outside, and we attracted little attention. Getting inside turned out to be easy; we just moved the shattered board blocking the entrance and stepped in! Inside, we found a small library full of books stacked on bookshelves, although the water pours in from the damaged roof, and it's decaying.


 There was a room full of photos attached to posters, telling the history of that place: kids were attending judo classes, chess classes, dance classes, and more. I took many photos to capture the real look of the location!


There was even a well-preserved gym inside with several Soviet-era training machines! They looked simplistic but very sturdy and functional. I even did some back exercises!

But, of course, the best part of the culture house was the hall! It was full of giant and well-preserved Soviet posters! They were scattered on the floor; we lifted them carefully and put them on display. We liked the result, and hope you do too!

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