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The Iron Fountain in Gyumri

Despite its abandonment and the scattered garbage around it, this rusty iron fountain in Gyumri continues to draw tourists from around the world. Why? The answer is simple: its creator was a visionary architect whose works, even when abandoned, retain a remarkable allure. This unique fountain, with its futuristic design, promises to captivate viewers, ensuring that a photo of it will quickly go viral on the internet.

As you ascend Manushyan Street in Gyumri, you'll soon encounter a peculiar sight: a massive iron structure looming above the road like a flying saucer. This post-apocalyptic creation is the "Friendship" fountain, affectionately known as “The Iron Fountain”, designed by Arthur Tarkhanyan, an esteemed Armenian architect. Another of Tarkhanyan's fountains, albeit smaller, can also be found in Gyumri, though it too lies dormant.

"Friendship" fountain or "The Iron Fountain" today


The fountain was inaugurated in 1982 and quickly became a popular spot for leisure and evening strolls until the devastating earthquake of 1988. While the fountain itself endured the earthquake relatively unscathed, the surrounding area fell into disrepair, and the challenging years that followed provided no opportunity for its revival.

Yet, even today, this abandoned fountain draws visitors intrigued by its architectural history and seeking to capture its unique charm in photographs.


The Iron Fountain has always been a favorite subject for photographers! It offers the perfect backdrop for awesome shots. Photo credits: NORDSKIF

Despite years of disuse, the city's residents have refrained from dismantling or scavenging it for metal.

A restoration proposal was put forth by "A3 Architects" several years ago, with a 3D animation available on the YouTube channel of Tarkhanyan’s daughter. One can only hope that someday it will undergo restoration, reclaiming its former glory.

The coordinates of "The Iron Fountain": 40°48'56"N 43°50'59"E

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