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The largest Russian church in Armenia

Discover the Church of Saint Arsenius in Gyumri, Armenia's largest Russian church. Built in the 1870s, this historic landmark has a unique design and attracts visitors throughout the world.

The Church of Saint Arsenius, located in the Kazachi Post area of Gyumri, Armenia, is the largest Russian church in the country. Named after the archbishop of Serbia, St. Arsenius, this historic church was built in the 1870s and consecrated on January 6, 1910.

The facade of Saint Arsenius the Archbishop of Serbia Church


Architecturally, the church featured two main domes: a conical belfry characteristic of Armenian design and an onion-shaped dome. However, in the 1930s, these domes were demolished, and the building was repurposed as a shelter for orphans, a cattle stable, and eventually a cinema club.

Inside Saint Arsenius church

Since the 2010s, the church has been undergoing a slow but steady renovation, funded by contributions from believers and benefactors. In particular, I noticed that the roof has undergone temporary renovations. Despite its turbulent history, the Church of Saint Arsenius remains a significant spiritual and cultural landmark in Armenia.


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