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This abandoned factory once produced electrical components

Within the ruins of this Soviet factory lie hidden artworks, which you will discover in this article as we embark on an exploration!

Unfortunately, there is no information available online about this Soviet-era factory, now left in decay. Even locals seemed reluctant to share details, perhaps due to their youth or lack of knowledge. However, I did learn that during Soviet times, the factory manufactured electrical components. Deep exploration uncovered remnants of the past, including numerous boxes of resistors, now rendered obsolete by advancements in technology.


A bas-relief by postwar & contemporary artist Benik Petrosyan

Adorning the facade of the building is a marvelous bas-relief by Armenian sculptor Benik Petrosyan. Unfortunately, it is now obscured by vegetation, making it difficult to appreciate. Capturing a clear photo proved to be quite a challenge. Inside the building, I discovered two more bas-reliefs.


Резистор - Сделано в СССР. Resistor Made in USSR

Another striking piece of art within this abandoned factory is a stained glass window, particularly impressive when viewed from outside. The name of the author is unknown.

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