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Best time to visit Armenia

Planning to visit Armenia and wondering what’s the best season? This article can serve as a useful tourist guide! BTW Armenia is an absolutely safe country and even at late hours while walking in streets you have no need to worry about your safety!

Well, since I provide hiking, trekking, and camping services, I can answer on my behalf!

The high altitude (3000+) hiking season typically begins at the end of May (around the 20th) and lasts until the end of October. For the best experience, I recommend choosing hiking at this altitude from the end of May till the middle of July. You can expect to encounter green meadows, lots of flowers, some parts still covered in snow, and beautiful clouds that create unforgettable memories. Mount Aragats, Geghama mountain range, mount Dimats, mount Khustup etc. all are excellent choices.

I am descending from Sevazhayr mountain (Mid-May)

Note that in summer it's better to avoid hikes up to the altitude of 2000 meters since it's too hot!

On the way to Okon Monastery! The trail passes through a thick forest and promises unforgettable views!

Autumn is also a good time for hiking especially if you choose destinations with forests. Choosing trails in Tavush or Lori regions can be a great idea!

My personal recommendations in Tavush region goes as follows: Lastiver and Okon monastery, hiking from Lake Parz to Goshavank or Gosh Lake, hiking to Matosavank and Jukhtak monastery (circular and easy trail, will take around 1 hour) or climbing mount Apakeqar! In Lori you can hike from Haghpat to Sanahin (although this one is also excellent choice in Spring) or hike to Kayan fortress!


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