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Abandoned Yak-40 Plane in Armenia

Discover Armenia's aviation history as we tour the Yak-40 aircraft, once a part of Armenian Airlines, now resting in Ashtarak city. Explore and take awesome pics in there...

In Ashtarak city lies a remarkable relic from the country's aviation history. The Yak-40, is an intriguing sight for urban explorers looking to explore Armenia's past and present.

This particular Yak-40, produced in Saratov in 1977, shares its roots with the iconic Yak-40s that once graced the skies. At the outset, it was entrusted to the Armenian Department of the USSR Ministry of Civil Aviation, where it proudly bore the designation USSR-88256.

As Armenia gained independence, this aviation marvel found a new home in the fleet of Armenian Airlines, embracing its Armenian identity as EK-88256.

Yak-40 plane as seen from "Van Lake" restaurant!

In 1997, as technology advanced and the aviation landscape evolved, the Yak-40 gracefully retired from active service. However, its story was far from over. In the early 2000s, this aviation relic found its final resting place in Ashtarak, where it remains today.

Travel to Armenia and take a moment to tour the Yak-40, a symbol of Armenia's journey in the skies. Discover Armenia's aviation history as you explore this magnificent aircraft, a testament to the country's enduring connection with the world of flight.

Plane coordinates: 40°17'05"N 44°20'43"E

Importat: When visiting the plane choose the road from the side of Mesrop Mashtots Street  otherwise if you go to Van Lake restaurant, from there you can’t pass the gorge and get to the plane!

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